STEM Workshop in Montessori School: Robotics

During the previous Hackweek (SUSE) I did a workshop in a Montessori school. This time I would like the same but with focusing on Robotics.

Who is this for?

Children between 2 and 6 years old

What will be the duration?

1 hour


In a Montessori school

What materials I am going to use

  • Bee-bot robot or similar
  • Edison robot (
  • Some home made robots

What concepts do I would like to teach:

The programming basics

  • Concepts of program and programming
  • How to split a problem in small parts and basic actions
  • Concept of execution
  • Concept of debugging
  • Usually there are more than one solution to solve a problem

What is an artificial sensor?

  • To be a blind robot
  • What it can do if it has some sensors
  • Ultrasound echo
  • Infrared echo
  • Infrared vision
  • Microphone sensors


Students were very interested in all examples and demonstrations. They participated in some of them.

I tried to explain all the mentioned concepts, and in spite of the complexity they understood pretty well

And I also introduced other robots like the one is in the photo with 4 ultra sound sensors, or an robotic arm with 6 movements.

Robotic SUSE Mascot – Part 2. Design & Skeleton

Please, visit Part 1. Introduction if you haven’t read it yet.


First, we did some brainstorming about how to make the mascot walk. We thought that the best option was to build balanced hips. It moves up one leg and rotates it forwards without friction. Then it moves it backward at the same time the other leg moves forward.

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Robotic SUSE Mascot – Part 1. Introduction

In ourĀ Hackweek at SUSE we have time to develop our most crazy ideas and projects. My brother and me thought that it could be interesting to create a robotic SUSE pet. The presentation of our proposal was:

The idea is to create a fantastic robotic SUSE mascot using cheap materials. It shall be controlled with you remote control of your TV. After building the prototype the schemes and Arduino code will be delivered for everyone to try building it at home.

We thought of several movements:

  1. Tail movements, cause it has to be nice
  2. Head movement to be more realistic
  3. And the most difficult part, making it walk

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