STEM Workshop in Montessori School: Robotics

During the previous Hackweek (SUSE) I did a workshop in a Montessori school. This time I would like the same but with focusing on Robotics.

Who is this for?

Children between 2 and 6 years old

What will be the duration?

1 hour


In a Montessori school

What materials I am going to use

  • Bee-bot robot or similar
  • Edison robot (
  • Some home made robots

What concepts do I would like to teach:

The programming basics

  • Concepts of program and programming
  • How to split a problem in small parts and basic actions
  • Concept of execution
  • Concept of debugging
  • Usually there are more than one solution to solve a problem

What is an artificial sensor?

  • To be a blind robot
  • What it can do if it has some sensors
  • Ultrasound echo
  • Infrared echo
  • Infrared vision
  • Microphone sensors


Students were very interested in all examples and demonstrations. They participated in some of them.

I tried to explain all the mentioned concepts, and in spite of the complexity they understood pretty well

And I also introduced other robots like the one is in the photo with 4 ultra sound sensors, or an robotic arm with 6 movements.