Robotic SUSE Mascot – Part 3. Electronics

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The connection pin scheme for Arduino is:

  • Left leg servo (9 pin)
  • Right leg servo (10 pin)
  • Hip servo (11 pin)
  • Head servo (6 pin)
  • Tail servo (5 pin)
  • Receiver IR (2 pin)
  • Testing led (13 pin)
  • 5 volts to (balanced voltage from voltage regulator and servos 5volts)


Choosing the correct battery is important, because moving 5 servos has a real power consumption. Servos are motors and motors consume a lot of energy.

The problem is that when a system requires more energy than the battery can serve (Amperage of discharging) the voltage drops belong 5 volts that requires Arduino (specs) and Ardunio resets itself. So, it is needed to maintain 5 volts constantly.

Our options

  • A small lithium battery (1S 3.7v) : We can convert it to 5volts but the energy the battery can provide is low, so it is not enough
  • A 9volts alkaline battery + voltage regulator :  It works fine and it fits inside the body of the toy.  However, when the power is over,  it is necessary to extract the entire battery to replace it.
  • A 2S battery (2000mAh) + voltage regulator:  It works fine but is too big. However you can leave the charger cable outside the body of the robot to charge it.

Continues in Part 4 – Brain & Code

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